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Apr 6, 2014

IMG_0183 a portrait of my husband, once a week, every week, in 2014

with his mom. the woman who gave him life 33 years ago, today. she probably didn’t know she was giving life to my life’s happiness that day, too.


IMG_0155 a portrait of my husband, once a week, every week, in 2014

driving. i could never get a good shot of him when i’m in the passenger seat with my 50mm lens, but he still looks good behind the wheel when i’m sitting in the back seat.

Jonathan at 4 Years 8 Months

Mar 19, 2014

IMG_9604 IMG_9620 IMG_9627

jonathan! you gorgeous little specimen you. you’ve lost a little bit of chunk you had gained in the last couple of months. this weight looks good on you. not too chubby but just enough bits of skin to bite and pinch and tickle.

this new look is all thanks too me controlling your eating a bit. if i let you, you’d eat all day long. non stop snacking and finishing your plate, despite being full does not make for healthy eating habits. we’ve given you a limit on your snacks and taught you that it’s okay to stop eating once your full, even if there is still food left on your plate. we don’t even know where you got the idea that you had to finish your plate, but i’m happy to see that it’s an idea that’s seeing its way out the door.

we got you a new bed this month and suddenly you started finding your way into our bed in the middle of the night. i spoke with you about wether or not you liked your bed, but you assured me you did. and after a couple of nights you started sleeping through the night again in your bed.

you’re spelling everything, or trying to. you make me sound out all the new words or names of new friends and we work on spelling it out. it’s amazing. your drawings keep on getting better and better, too.

now that we’ve limited your video game play time to just the weekends, you’ve reacquainted yourself with your old stuffed mario bros toys. you also got a couple new ones as well and its all you want to play, all day long. you love to make it a family affair, too. it sometimes make me actually want to play with your angry bird toys again, but i try to comply as often as possible. unfortunately, i’m still responsible for disinfecting bathrooms and getting diner made.

you also love how we’re showering you with a bit more dedicated loving. the smile it puts on your face is something more that we love, too.

Brandon at 2 Years 4 Months

Mar 18, 2014

IMG_9759 IMG_9760 IMG_9763

worst blogger ever? you’re probably right. but we’ve been redecorating the whole house and while i could’ve been blogging during my insomnia bought, i was too busy being super lazy and exhausted. but enough about me brandon, this post is all about you.

you’ve gotten so long, little man. you’re legs keep stretching and stretching and your new heights sometimes stop me in my tracks and take my breath away. you’re becoming a big boy before my very eyes and it’s so bittersweet. i’m lucky that you love you some good cuddling and your need to be with me keeps my heart afloat.

you’re eating has improved, although there is still room for improvement. you’re swatting less and the messes are smaller and smaller.

you’re not coming into our bed anymore now that we’ve figured out your comforter trick. however, your daytime naps have become unpredictable. you fight it, or get too distracted to sleep but by 4 or 5 or 6 pm you end up falling asleep. this is no good as it means that i can only let you sleep for about 15 minutes before having to wake you up or else you won’t want to go to sleep till after 11pm. it also means, that i might hop in the car for a drive after we’ve dropped off your brother at school in an effort to get you to nap earlier and get you back on schedule. except more often than not, when i’m trying to transfer you back home or to your stroller, you wake up. on the days i’ve been successful, your grandfather has been kind enough to either come home to stay with you, or pick your brother up from school so that you could nap and catch up on some sleep.  this is around the same age your brother stopped napping, but i’m hoping you’ll still take naps for longer than he did.

you’ve come well into your “terrible” two’s. you scream and yell and cry at a moments notice if you don’t get your way. i think it’s kind of cute and usually get a good chuckle in, but i also try to lessen my work load. for instance, those times i would let you walk along side of us for school drop off’s and other short walks, i now strap you in a stroller instead. there were too many times i would try to block you from running somewhere you weren’t supposed to and you’d throw yourself on the concrete floor. in below freeing weather. were more often than not, snow that had turned to ice. i’d much rather you sit in your stroller than break your face and give me a heart attack. sorry about that.

that being said, you’re terribleness really isn’t all that terrible. you have your moments, but you are still the biggest sweetheart around. when you put your hands on my face, when you give me kisses and “wasos” (abrazo/hug) of your own accord, and when you say new things you learned from your brother, it makes my heart grow and suddenly the face i’m staring at is that of an angel. i’m sure this going to become a problem for future mischief.

you’ve started giving in to your brother’s requests of getting into your mario costume now and love being included in his play. you also love making jonathan act silly to get the best giggles in. you also love asking whichever unsuspecting person is around to “come” grab them by their finger and try to get them to give you some kind of food from the kitchen.



Mar 11, 2014

IMG_9858 a portrait of my husband, once a week, every week, in 2014

redecorating. we’re still building new pieces of furniture over here to redecorate our home to match our changed life and style. tonight, i take a break and watch him work whilst catching up on my 52 project.